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360 Degree Adjustable Four-Folds Mirror

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Now all you need is a handheld a mirror to check your new look.
You’ll want to be sure you have perfect coverage and our Mirror lets you do that, easily and comfortably.
This mirror is made of lightweight and durable materials making it easy to get a 360 view



  • 4-FOLD-EXPANDABLE - Foldable hand-held mirror compact with hinges that "hold" their respectable positions (making one-hand use possible and easy).

  • UNIQUE DESIGN - The new, patented 4-fold mirror compact assembly has many obvious uses and is particularly useful for seeing: inside your own ears, behind your ears, around your neck, back of the head, top of your head, hairline, all hair accessories (such as barrettes, hair clips, wraps), etc, etc, etc.

  • FOLDABLE ANGLES - For anyone who takes their grooming seriously this item is an absolute must-have. This Mirror is also very useful and capable of seeing other hard-to-see areas on your entire body. Owning this Mirror you should never need to use two separate mirrors to get that special angle one just cannot get.

  • PORTABLE USE - This item is perfect to have in your overnight bag, glove compartment, and of course in your home. Due to its rugged construction, the patented Mirror can also be used as a hand's free-standing mirror, making it perfect for your desk, workplace or even on an airplane.


  • Material: High-Quality ABS
  • Size: 129mm x 70mm
  • Color: Black


  • 1 x 360 Degree Adjustable Four-Folds Mirror