Fabric Raised Planting Bed
Fabric Raised Planting Bed
Fabric Raised Planting Bed
Fabric Raised Planting Bed
Fabric Raised Planting Bed
Fabric Raised Planting Bed
Fabric Raised Planting Bed
Fabric Raised Planting Bed

Fabric Raised Planting Bed

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Grow your own herbs, flowers, vegetables and succulents with our Fabric Raised Planting Bed!

Raised bed gardens are one of the best ways to garden. Not only are the savings on water and fertilizers great, but raised beds also create the ideal soil environment for organic and no-till garden systems.

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Our Fabric Raised Planting Bed combines the benefits and aeration with a raised bed construction that requires no tools and can be put up in a matter of minutes. 

It's time you bring your plants up to your level, instead of bending over all the way to the ground. Our Fabric Raised Planting Bed is easy to set up. All you have to do is add potting mix, plants, and water! The felt is strong enough to keep all the dirt and root system in place but its permeable nature allows water to drain, giving your plants the breathing room they need.

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The planting bed is perfect for practically all your vegetables: lettuces, tomatoes, peppers, squash, etc. You can get one and mix your veggies together. Or, buy multiple beds to dedicate each bed to one vegetable type. Think of it, a bed for tomatoes, a bed for your herbs, a bed for your lettuces, a bed for your peppers.

This Fabric Raised Planting Bed is versatile. You only have a concrete slab in your back yard? or does a patio take up all your garden space? maybe you live in a condo and only have a balcony? No problem, set this bed directly on the ground and now you have an instant garden bed! This circular raised bed is the perfect way to create a garden area wherever you want! 

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🌱DURABILITY MEETS DESIGN: The Fabric Raised Planting Bed is made from renowned durable geotextile, in a raised planter bed form that will last for years of continuous gardening

🌱EASY TO SETUP: Just unfold, fill and grow. It is definitely the easiest way to grow vegetables, flowers, herbs and fruits.

🌱AIR PRUNES THE ROOTS: Air pruning allows plants to use all the space inside the container for root growth resulting in bigger plants. Root growth occurs through branching, which creates more root tips and more opportunity for the plant to feed.

🌱STIMULATES BENEFICIAL BACTERIA: Our porous, non-woven fabric provides essential oxygen allowing plant roots and beneficial bacteria to breathe. Healthier roots equals healthier plants.

🌱RESPONDS TO CLIMATE CONDITIONS: During hot weather the Fabric Raised Planting Bed allows excess heat to be released protecting roots. In cold weather, the fabric warms quickly in the sun.


Aerated fabric container - promotes healthy roots through air pruning, leading to better fruit and higher yields.

Multiple configurations and options, easy to assemble.

Durable, washable, reusable.

Strong marine-grade stitching built to withstand constant moisture and UV exposure.


Packaging Includes:

1 x Fabric Raised Planting Bed

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