Fitness Resistance Band Set
Fitness Resistance Band Set
Fitness Resistance Band Set
Fitness Resistance Band Set
Fitness Resistance Band Set
Fitness Resistance Band Set
Fitness Resistance Band Set
Fitness Resistance Band Set
Fitness Resistance Band Set

Fitness Resistance Band Set

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Who doesn't want to have more fitness in their life? But for most of us, it falls to the bottom of our priority list due to time. So we brought the Fitness Resistance Band Set! It brings the gym to you and makes working out your body easier and more effective. 

☑️ Power cord resistance bands for an extreme yet effortless workout

☑️ Empowers people just like you to exercise more often and consistently

☑️ Target all parts of your body and your abs with one equipment

☑️ Never lets your core rest using positive and negative resistance

☑️ Anyone can use it no matter their fitness level

Fitness Resistance Band Set is specially designed to enable more than 150 different exercises and a wide range of resistance/weight so you can work any muscle group in the body in countless ways, and get the results (and look) you want quickly and effectively, from the comfort of your own home.

VERY EFFECTIVE IN BUILDING AND TONING MUSCLE, AND BURNING FAT - Resistance Band Training is proven to achieve the same effective results as freeweights, with all the added benefits of convenience of working out from your own home or when travelling, as well as providing a safe motion and less chance of injury. With the Fitness Resistance Band Set stackable weight/resistance range and wide variety of exercises you can build or tone muscle and burn fat, one muscle group at a time, or do a full body workout.

WIDE RANGE OF WEIGHT - Fitness Resistance Band Set  includes 5 straps of varying resistance, which allow you to mix and match to get your desired weight level - from 10 lbs (4.5 kg) and up to 115 lbs (52 kg), suitable for someone just starting out or an experienced gym shark. Additional straps can be connected for an even higher range.

COUNTLESS EXERCISES - specially designed and includes all the necessary accessories for more than 150 possible exercises for all muscle groups - suitable for any fitness level. Whether you want a a complete body workout, or to work on just your glutes, biceps, abs, or any other muscle group at a time, the Fitness Resistance Band Set is your perfect solution.

EASILY SETS UP IN SECONDS - with the included Door Anchor, handles and ankle straps, you can set up the Fitness Resistance Band Set in seconds. Just choose your desired exercise, set up accordingly, and start your workout. 

WORKOUT EVEN IF YOU CAN'T FIND THE TIME - Have only a few minutes a day, or having difficulties finding the time to work out? No problem! Because of the accessibility and quick and easy set up, Fitness Resistance Band Set allows you to do a few quick sets whenever you have time, and go on with your day.

SAFE AND EFFECTIVE - the smooth movement and consistant resistance give great results while minimizing chance for injury.

COMPACT AND PORTABLE - easily and compactly folds up for portability and easy storage.

WORK OUT AWAY FROM HOME - fold and store the set in the included carry bag and take it with you when travelling, for the office, or anywhere else. Now you can work out even when you're away from home! Fitness Resistance Band Set make it easy to have a quick workout in the office at the end of the day before heading home, or maintain your fitness on your business trips.

Packaging Includes:

2 x Ring Foot
2 x Handle
1 x Door Anchor
1 x Carry Bag
5 x Resistance Bands 

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