Hip Trainer
Hip Trainer
Hip Trainer
Hip Trainer
Hip Trainer
Hip Trainer
Hip Trainer

Hip Trainer

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Here You Go Ladies!

If you're into fitness and firmer buttocks, inner thighs, and pelvic muscles, this Hip Trainer is your new MUST-HAVE exercise equipment!

Hip Trainer even helps to improve your posture if you spend a considerable amount of time sitting behind a desk or any other sedentary job.

This amazing, training device is perfect for exercising your pelvic floor, which consists of a layer of muscles that help with bladder controlrecovery after childbirth and intimate relations. With our Hip Trainer, you can maintain a healthy pelvis, while squeezing those buttocks into shape!

Pelvic Muscle Hip Trainer

This easy and effective exercise is a fun way to strengthen and tone your pelvic floor, while eliminating any uncertainty! It's lightweight and smallbut offers a thorough workout wherever you choose to use it. Whether you're at home or at the office, you'll find that it's convenient and easy to strengthen and mold those buttock muscles into shape using this training device.

To achieve better pelvic floor strength, bladder control and self-confidence, simply use this Hip Trainer 3 times a week, for 3-5 minutes, each workout, concentrating on using the correct technique, while paying close attention to your muscle movements.

The Hip Trainer is so easy to use! Simply stand or lie down, facing your exercise mat, with your arms extended and your palms or elbows down on the mat. Then put the Hip Trainer 1-2 inches below your buttocks and open legs 40 degrees, then applying pressure with your inner thighs, squeeze. It's that easy!


✔️Fast & simple: instead of going to the gym for a variety of hip exercises, you can shape you hip at home easily without spending too much

✔️Ergonomic design: perfectly match the pelvic muscle strength, making it easy for you to exercise your hips

✔️Multi-functional: achieve tight pelvic muscles, pelvic correction, enhance your hip line and beautify your leg shape

✔️Safety materials: made of PVC environmentally friendly materials, soft rubber, and high elasticity thick steel

✔️Strengthen, slim and tighten your buttocks, thighs and lower abdominal muscles

✔️Improve the blood system of the lower limbs muscles and buttocks

✔️Suitable for people deal with post-birth recovery, work sedentary or lack of exercise etc.

✔️Light and convenient to use at home, gym, etc.


  • Material: ABS
  • Product size: 25 x 16cm/9.84 x 6.30 inches

Packaging Includes:

1 x Hip Trainer

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