Smoke Bubble Machine Gun
Smoke Bubble Machine Gun
Smoke Bubble Machine Gun
Smoke Bubble Machine Gun
Smoke Bubble Machine Gun

Smoke Bubble Machine Gun

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Be Amazed And Have Fun With This Smoke Bubble Machine Gun!

The new Smoke Bubble Machine Gun, equipped with a special atomizer inside the product, can convert water into smoke into bubbles, it will look a lot more advanced, I believe your child will love it. Outdoor entertainment it will make your child the focus, a good product.

🔥HOT SALE--Magic smoke bubble machine for kids


Made of environmentally friendly PVC materials, new and non-hazardous materials, will not affect children.

🌳Fresh fun, small surprise under the smoke. The colorful color bubbles disperse like clouds, giving the children some small expectations, pure water transforms the bubbles without odor.

⭐Brand new style. Novel cartoon toy shape, warm heart color matching, taking pictures from all angles will not affect its appearance.

💎Lightweight, easy to carry around. A detachable sling is given away, so you can carry your hands free with you without losing space. Bubble liquid will not overflow due to shaking.

🔥One-key bubble, electric with sound effect. When using the long press switch for the first time, the bubble machine needs one minute of flushing to produce bubbles. It only needs seven 1.5-volt "AAA" power supplies for continuous battery life.

✅Safe and clean, upgraded leak-proof device. Small hole reflux design, concentrated bubble liquid back into the bottle, children can enjoy playing without worrying about getting covered.

🌈Eye protection light, soft gradient flash. Soft and gradual lighting, colorful, more attractive to play and protect your eyes.

Whether it is a toy for your child or a gift, it is a good choice, because its value will not lose to those expensive toys, and I believe that children should be interested in it.


  • Material: Environmentally friendly ABS material
  • Size: 18 x 6.5 x 16cm
  • Battery: Seven 1.5v "AAA" 

Packaging Includes:

1 x Smoke Bubble Machine Gun

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